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HUGE News!  Details on Cast!

It's been a long time coming: official news on the major cast members of the television series by Alex Proyas and Stewart Hazeldine.  

Brad Johnson will be playing "Jeff Hale," an astronaut.  He is also the male lead.  

The female lead (and potential love interest, no doubt) is "Alice Liddel Hargreaves," played by actress Emily Lloyd.

"Sam Clemens" (Mark Twain to the neophytes) will be played by Cameron Daddo.  

Jonathan Cake will play "Emperor Nero" (of fiddling fame).  

The second new character not appearing in the novels is "Valdemar," played by Kevin Smith.  No, not that Kevin Smith.  

Thanks to Tehanu, Mike Croteau, Kochia, and everyone else who let us know!


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