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"... arise From death, you numberless infinities
Of souls, and to your 
scattered bodies go..."
-- John Donne



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November 17, 2000 - Toronto/Los Angeles - John Morayniss, Executive Vice President, ALLIANCE ATLANTIS ENTERTAINMENT announced today that ALLIANCE ATLANTIS has completed a development deal with the Sci Fi Channel for two new original television series for late 2001.

The first, Anonymous Rex, is based on the award-winning 1999 book by Eric Garcia, and provides a deadpan twist on the mystery genre by exploring a secret society of dinosaurs walking the earth disguised as humans. Garcia is writing the script for the two-hour pilot. Additionally, SCI FI and ALLIANCE ATLANTIS are developing Philip Jose Farmer's best-selling books Riverworld, with renowned director Alex Proyas (The Crow, Dark City) executive producing and Stuart Hazeldine slated to write the two-hour pilot.

"We're thrilled to be in business with the Sci-Fi Channel on these two distinguished and highly original series projects," said Mr. Morayniss. "In both cases, we are exploring material with a very specific point of view, with creative and production auspices that are absolutely committed and passionate about 'pushing the envelope' of the television experience."

Based on the wildly smart, original and funny novel by the same name, Anonymous Rex is a modern day detective story with a twist. Over time, dinosaurs have learnt to disguise themselves as regular people. They make up a small percentage of the world's population, and have infiltrated every sector of life: they are doctors and lawyers, housewives and actors. Vincent Rubio is a Los Angeles private eye, and a velociraptor.

Although he's on the rocks after the "accidental" death of his beloved partner and addicted to the herb basil, he's drawn into conspiracies that may provide an answer to his partner's untimely demise. Ultimately, Rex is a reflection of our own culture: our foibles and addictions, our dreams and our loves… as illustrated by the experiences of a dinosaur living among us.

Riverworld, is a unique and daring fantasy adventure series in which we travel to a mysterious and treacherous land where every human who died between the years 99,000 BC and 2200 AD has been resurrected on the banks of a colossal river. It is on the riverbank where we follow a team who bond together as they try to unravel how and why they've arrived here, while coming face-to-face with some of the most dangerous people in history. Executive producers on the television series include Proyas, his producing partner Topher Dow, Ralph Vicinanza and Vince Gerardis.

The series of novels, which include Riverworld, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, and The Magic Labyrinth, have been translated into 21 languages in over 40 countries, landed on the New York Times Bestseller list and achieved bestseller status in the U.K., France, and Germany.

The deal is the most recent in a string of original series announcements from SCI FI. In October, the Channel announced it would begin airing The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne in January, and will continue production of the Emmy award-winning The Outer Limits. In 2001, with the launch of a second night of original programs, SCI FI will air more than twice as many primetime dramatic series as any other basic cable network. Additional scripted series on its roster include the hit Farscape, The Invisible Man, First Wave, LEXX, and Roger Corman's sexy super-heroine adventure, Black Scorpion.

Non-dramatic series for SCI FI include the breakout reality series Crossing Over with John Edward, and the experimental sci-fi short film showcase, Exposure.

Anonymous Rex and Riverworld are additions to a very busy series slate for ALLIANCE ATLANTIS. ALLIANCE ATLANTIS already produces and distributes a great many series. Some of the series currently in production include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for CBS; BeastMaster and Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict for first-run syndication by Tribune Entertainment, In a Heartbeat and The Famous Jett Jackson for the Disney Channel, Sixth Grade Alien for Fox Family Channel and 2Gether for MTV.

SCI FI Channel, owned and operated by USA Cable, a division of USA Networks, Inc.'s (NASDAQ: USAI) Entertainment unit, transmits fantastic images to over 66 million human homes. Launched in 1992, SCI FI features a continuous stream of cinematic hits, new and original series, and special events, as well as classic sci-fi, fantasy, and horror programming. Check out SCIFI.COM, the SCI FI Channel's award-winning Web site, at

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