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Filming Started?!

Mike over at The Official Philip Jose Farmer Home Page sent us a message that made our jaws drop.

Filming has already started!  Principal photography of the series began sometime in November of 2001, in New Zealand.  The show is set to debut on the Sci-Fi Channel sometime in 2002.  

We're pretty sure this is the case, if only because of the veracity of Mike's source: the master, Philip Jose Farmer himself!  

And Tehanu of has noticed some odd markings near his home, big pink arrows with "RW" on them, pointing toward the direction in which cast and crew go to leave the Riverworld filming location.  Apparently, this is a location near Auckland, NZ.  

Also, Tehanu reports that Kevin Smith has a major role, according to "another actor who didn't get the part." 

Bitter?  Nah.


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