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"... arise From death, you numberless infinities
Of souls, and to your 
scattered bodies go..."
-- John Donne



Poll on leaves Riverworld in the dust

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President Andrew Jackson 
Soldier, Officer, Politician, Lawyer

He's perfect as a historical adventurer.  He fought in the American Revolutionary War at age 14, and suffered a serious saber scar after refusing to shine a British officer's shoes.  His parents died during the War, leaving Andrew as the only heir to his Irish grandfather's large inheritance, which Jackson gambled away in a few days.  

After personally gathering a small force of volunteers during the War of 1812, Jackson ignored orders to disband his troops and instead led an attack against the Creek Indians, who were summarily massacred by Jackson and his men.  He was personally in charge of saving New Orleans from British invasion; American forces suffered only 8 terminal casualties, while the Brits lost over 2,000, including the three most superior officers.  Even after a short retirement, Jackson again violated orders and was instrumental in driving the Spanish out of Florida.  

He had a fiery personality, unable to joke about himself and constantly dueling to protect his honor.  An assassin once attacked him in the Capitol rotunda, firing two pistols less than 6 feet away from Jackson.  Jackson was unhurt, and allegedly beat the man up with his cane.  At one point, Jackson was in a duel with the "best shot in Tennessee."  The man, Dickinson, fired first and hit Jackson in the chest, just above his heart.  His blood pouting out, Jackson stood stock-still and took his time aiming.  Dickinson attempted to run, but was forced to stand at his place, 24 feet from Jackson's unflinching pistol.  Dickinson covered his chest with crossed arms, and Jackson lodged a bullet in Dickinson's groin.  As a result, Dickinson died a slow, painful death.

Jackson was also notorious as a slave owner, and openly ridiculed the idea of slave emancipation.  This is also an excellent point upon which to build his character, as he is faced with the reality of the Riverworld, and the fact that blacks and other dark-skinned peoples massively outnumber the whites.  The audience can watch the rigid, unflinchingly arrogant Jackson become a more compassionate man.    

Who Should Play Him?
Of course, THIS ACTOR will never be cast as Andrew Jackson.  This is only to show who would be best suited for the role.