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"... arise From death, you numberless infinities
Of souls, and to your 
scattered bodies go..."
-- John Donne



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Otto Skorzeny
Adam Worth 
Master Thief 


Victorian thief who formed a criminal network that stretched from New York to London, Paris, and even South Africa; a criminal who hated violence, who ran his crime syndicate like a family business and was unswervingly loyal to his employees. Bank raids, safecracking, and train robberies provided the American-born Worth the wherewithal to establish himself as Henry J. Raymond in 1870s London. A Mayfair gentleman by day, Worth continued his life of crime by night; at the pinnacle of his career, Worth stole a priceless portrait of the Duchess of Devon which he kept--at times under the mattress of his bed--for 20 years.

Arthur Conan Doyle fictionalized him as the superhuman Professor Moriarty, and the popular press luridly chronicled his daring heists, though the police never managed to convict him of anything major until he was nearly 50.

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